About Us

Grey Team operates as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that specializes in both research and active treatment of active duty service members and military veterans by building a network of partners who each contribute complementary and synergistic data, capabilities, or expertise to support a joint roadmap for identifying diagnostic biomarkers, building predictive models, and developing treatments to treat the unique issues of each and every military veteran.

Grey Team builds upon endeavors of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, to better understand associations with various traumatic brain injury exposures and the effect on the suicide rate amongst our service men and women.

Our History

Grey Team, Inc. was founded in 2016 by military veterans Cary Reichbach – U.S. Army, and Logan Skees – U.S. Marine Corps. Both men had served in high-risk, dangerous jobs and were well experienced with military service’s toll on an individual’s mental and physical health.

Skees, in particular, had returned from Afghanistan and struggled greatly with adapting to civilian life. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2013, he had lost his marriage, friends, community, structure, and ultimately, his purpose. Skees fell into depression, reckless behavior, violence, and suicidal tendencies, but after a chance meeting with Reichbach, the two bonded and began an uplifting journey. 

Together, they began experimenting with deceleration techniques to shut down their “fight or flight” responses which are constantly triggered, often an after-effect resulting from military service. From Transcendental Meditation, Sensory Deprivation Chambers, exposing their bodies to high-pressure oxygen, and -160°F cryotherapy chambers, nothing was off-limits or too extreme.

Cary Reichbach, U.S. Army Veteran (left) and Logan Skees, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran (right)
Raise awareness and accelerate our suicide intervention efforts.

We’re convinced that this it takes a community to find the answer to reversing the tide of military suicide plaguing our country.

If you have a tool, concept, or program that you believe can help heal our nation’s veterans, please contact us today at healing@greyteam.org.